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The Future Of Automation In Coffee Shops

Automation does not necessarily mean that machines will take the place of people and
make coffee for them. If automation is implemented wisely, it won’t lead to the emergence
of robot baristas but rather to machines that improve the productivity and profitability of
our cafes and baristas.

Automation is unavoidable for many businesses.
Consumers of today demand effectiveness and consistency in all aspects of life, including the food and coffee they consume.

Consumers of out-of-home coffee in the UK were surveyed by UCC to find out what they
expected from coffee shops. Consistency was mentioned by eight out of ten respondents as
the most important factor when choosing a café.

Specialty coffee shops frequently elevate manual brewing techniques. Any type of
automation is viewed as a short-cut, and slower, handcrafted brewing techniques like pour-overs and espresso drinks created by baristas are frequently seen as higher quality.
Nevertheless, more and more people are discussing devices, equipment, and accessories
that expedite or take over the brewing process entirely. Automation is on the minds of
coffee shop owners everywhere as machine manufacturers develop better, more effective
tools for making espresso beverages. However, automation does not mean that baristas will
become obsolete. Instead, baristas can interact with customers while showcasing their
knowledge and expertise with the help of smart tools.

Automation for Consistency, Efficiency, and Barista Well-Being Technology that speeds up the coffee-brewing process saves time and energy, which in turn enables baristas to have more meaningful interactions with customers and turn them into frequent customers.

Cafés, roasters & automation:
The market for coffee shops has experienced a lot of automation over the last few years.
This has largely been done as part of an effort to increase consistency and reduce the
amount of time baristas spend performing manual labor.
However, it can also enhance other facets of a barista’s job, like reducing repetitive
movements that might result in repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Embracing the future of automation:
There is no doubt that a more automated future is inevitable in the coffee sector, despite
the uncertainty that automation and AI might create for the human-driven aspects of the
industry. Automation can help us advance the industry by enhancing our skills and knowledge, rather
then implying that we lose the human components of coffee brewing, roasting, and

Technological change is inevitable in the modern world. Many people think automation
should be welcomed rather than viewed with apprehension and concern because it may
result in some manual tasks being taken away from human workers. Jobs in the coffee
the industry will undoubtedly change as a result, but it’s more likely that they’ll become simpler
rather than obsolete.

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